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The Macdonald Valley Association Inc. partners with valley locals and contractors to undertake funded projects that will improve the Valley and/or its residents.
Funding sources include all levels of Government, public and private agencies and private individuals.

Examples of projects currently underway:

  • a small project targetted at a special purpose (Street Library in the Park)
  • a large project spanning two years affecting many properties and large areas (removal of Arundo Donax along the Macdonald River)
  • a very large project spanning six years targetting the removal of toxic and deadly noxious weeds in the Valley (including Tree of Heaven and Cestrum)

Project Reports



Greater Sydney Local Land Service (GSLLS)
Arundo donax

The MVA has engaged with the GSLLS for two successive grants over the last 4 years.  The volunteer Project Manager, Vera Zaccari has worked tirelessly with many land owners to eradicate this virulent weed from along the banks of the Macdonald river.  There have been numerous reports and updates provided throughout the two stages which can be accessed here.

NSW Environmental Trust
Towards the Future (Tree of Heaven)

The NSW Environmental Trust has provided a grant of $250K over the last six years for ongoing treatment to remove an extremely noxious weed commonly called Tree of Heaven.  This weed is very hardy, prolific and deadly to cattle and other livestock.  The Project Manager, Peter Hughes has provided a number of reports which can be accessed here.  Previous work on eradicating Cestrum from Valley properties is still ongoing with many committed land owners continually targeting new and resurgent locations.

Street Library

The Street Library is available in St Albans Park.


We have purchased an automated defibrillator and have placed it in St Albans Park for easy access. The Community will be asked for additional volunteers for training at a later date.

River Access

Hawkesbury City Council has recently improved access to the Macdonald River from St Albans Park.