The MVA was founded in May 1992 to provide the community with a means of effectively expressing its interests and concerns. Its broad aim was to protect and improve the human and natural environment of the Valley. The Association was incorporated on 25 Jan 2006. Incorporation Number: INC 9885011

We represent and advocates issues and interests for the residents of the Macdonald Valley, a geographic area spanning some 45km from Wisemans Ferry to Upper Macdonald and Mogo Creek and taking in Wrights Creek and Webbs Creek, a rural/remote community in the Hawkesbury region. We provide a link to engage the community with the tiers of government, agencies and authorities.

Ours is a community that has had to develop resilience over decades and, by necessity, takes responsibility for supporting each other, working together with an eye to our community’s safety, its needs and priorities and a sustainable future.

The MVA is an open society with a committed membership and committee. The Committee meets regularly and works on a wide range of issues. It is essential work and without the Association, the environment and living heritage of the beautiful Macdonald Valley would not be adequately protected. We therefore encourage you, if you are not a Member already to join, or have a lapsed membership to rejoin.

MVA Grants Received

2022: CERP Grant $266,000.

2021: ‘Surrounded’ book. Grant from Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR).

2020: Well Being Grant

2014: Crown Lands. $8775 for weed eradication on three Crown Reserves.

2014: Local Land Service:  $50,000 for control of arundo.

2012-2016:“Rescue the Future #2”. $250,000 from the NSW Environmental Trust over 6 years.

2008-ongoing: Willow Warriors (external organisation), black willow mop up.

2008-09: “Rescue the Future”, $50,000 from Envirofund + $50,000 from Hawkesbury City Council + > $10,000 in-kind from MVA.

2007: “Black Willows Eradication”. $76,000 from Environmental Trust + $20,834 in-kind from MVA.

2006-09: Macdonald River Regeneration. $375,000 from CMA to 72 landowners + similar landowner in-kind.

2006-08: “Bring Back the Fish to St. Albans”. $88,000 from Federal Department of Primary Industries+ $8,500 in-kind from MVA.

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  • Fire and Flood Preparedness: Through the Connected and Prepared Program (CERP), Wardens have been appointed to support residents locally. A Grant of $266,000 will provide Support kits and UHF radios for every resident to use in times of emergency via a Manager and technician to oversee the rollout.
  • Defibrillators have been placed in and around the Valley to save lives
  • Community Classes and Courses are conducted through the Well Being Grant obtained through the MVA in including fitness classes including low impact, stretch, Tai Chi, gardening and fence building
  • Ensuring road maintenance by local contractors on an ongoing basis as required, including restoring eroded areas alongside the riverbanks through ongoing association with Hawkesbury City Council (HCC)
  • Telecommunications advocacy: Actively pursuing Telstra to provide a reliable service to landlines, and lobbying to ensure technicians are provided as needed to repair landline services which are regularly disrupted
  • Mobile service advocacy: Actively pursuing State, Federal and local Government as well as Telstra to adhere to the 2016 Black Spot Program to build a Mobile Tower in the area for Mobile connection – due to recent representations by the MVA to The Regional Telecommunications Review 2021, the Macdonald Valley got a special mention.
  • Valley for Wildlife group (a separate committee under the MVA) promotes the protection of fauna. Funding provided through the Wellness grant
  • St Albans Park improvements in conjunction with Hawkesbury City Council and other organisations including weed management with an ongoing Weed Wackers program, a bio-diversity walk, installation of a sculpture, major improvements in children’s play equipment, a Wall of Remembrance being erected to the Bushfires of 2020-21 covered in tiles painted by local artists of all ages.
  • Auspicing for community group applications to grant-giving bodies including publication of ‘Surrounded’, a book written by Kaye Remington depicting the Valley in recent floods and fires
  • A Development Control Plan for the Valley developed and accepted by Hawkesbury City Council, which was accepted . Which considered the Valley’s architectural and cultural heritage as opposed to private development.
  • Road sealing: Sealing and tarring St Albans Road DATES? .
  • Rubbish and recycling service in the mid 90’s which remains a fortnightly service.
  • Ongoing Environmental Protection and Restoration: Control of Black Willow, an invasive, woody weed in 1992; control of Tree of Heaven in 2007 via grants and partnership with Council, the CMA and Willow Warriors
  • School Bus and Ferry services are ongoing achievements of the MVA