Mission Statement

Investigate, fund and deliver on simple and potentially more complex works that enhance the physical and emotional environment of St Albans Village and the surrounding areas.

These are to be consistent with the MVA Mission of ‘Protecting, Enhancing and Promoting the Natural and Human Environment’.

A Call To Action!

The Hawkesbury City Council’s Draft Place Plans are on public exhibition till Wednesday 21 June 2023.

The draft Place Plans have been created to develop and celebrate the unique local characteristics of each place as well as providing a vision document to assist in applying for future grants.

Macdonald Valley residents and local business owners are urged to view the Draft Place Plans and provide feedback on any opportunities that may not yet have been included in the plans.

Your MVA has been active in this area through the St Albans Beautification Projects ‘wishlist’ that has already been submitted to Council, and will form the basis of our formal response to this request for comment.

Create your own ‘wishlist’ or just state that you support the MVA ‘wishlist’ – or even both.

For example, you may wish to raise the state of our roads as the major issue.

But please – don’t let this opportunity pass. 

Be Heard and do comment on the draft Place Plan.