The Old St Albans Cemetery is being well maintained by the council contractor so is looking very prestine.
We started on the Central Macdonald Cemetery on Saturday 7 th May.
It is two years since we visited the site which we were unable to proceed with due to covid restrictions and wet weather recently.
To our dismay the cemetery has deteriorated  badly with large trees having fallen on grave stones ,the fence falling apart and massive growth of saplings and other shrubs blocking visibility of the site from the road.
With a group of five we set to work and have cleared a good proportion of the undergrowth from the road to the cemetery fence and Rob Cuneen and Catherine cleared the fallen trees off the gravestones .Unfortunately one of the grave stones was badly damaged which will be costly to repair.
I have contacted Greg Bailey who will , with the grader create a bit of parking space at the edge of the road and a ramp to access the cemetery.
The rest of us have piled up the prunings to be burnt and I have asked the fire brigade if they can assist by using the pile burns as a training exercise for new trainees.
Jane Blacker
Cemetery Coordinator