June 25, 2022 11:00 am - 2:00 pm School of Arts - St Albans
Valley for Wildlife is the a new sub-committee of the Macdonald Valley Association.
Building on the MVA’s record of working with the community on significant ecological projects, Valley for Wildlife recognises the desire in the valley to look after our wild things and their wild places.
Come along to contribute to the creation of this important local group. Learn how you can be an effective first responder when we find injured wildlife on the road. Our valley wombats are precious but they need our help, with mange and habitat destruction impacting on their survival. As custodians of our valley, we can really make a difference to ensuring we have wombats in valley now and for future generations. And then at 1pm, we come together as a community to create some unique wildlife road signs using satellite dishes donated by locals and designed by the young folk of the valley, led by popular local artist Luke Kelly. Please remember to wear your best painting clothes.
Oh and don’t forget the exclusive gift for participants of the wombat poo truffles. (No actual poo involved)
To register your attendance please email